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The Pico Pet Lead

Push the Button

Hold down the button and extend the cord, press the button again and it rolls up automatically

Attach the Cord

Attach the clip to your pet’s collar. Extend the cord to hold or roll up the cord to let your pet carry it

Walk your Pet Safely

Wood, LeatherSafely walk your pet knowing that you will always have a Pico Pocket Lead with you

Latest Reviews

I love it! I use it constantly when running but also when going out for short walks.​I use it to make sure y dog is safe when I cross the road.

Barry / Dog Owner

I bought two of these, one for a medium dog and one for a small dog. The large clip is like a normal dog lead clip and the small one is for smaller dogs but it does keep the weight down. My larger lab wears the lead when we’re go out for walks and it means I can grab him when I want. The smaller terrier doesn’t wear it but also doesn’t run away. Each has a different colour…

Jane / Dog Owner

It’s a lot more sturdy than I though! I use it for my ferrets and my leash savvy border collie, it’s a perfect convenient length without having to use a whole leash. Very solid!….

Vivien / Ferret Owner

Charming, small retractable leash, ideal for small dog and tucking leash in palm of hand, pocket, handbag…..

Elizabeth / Dog Owner

Really nice item, great quality and love the personalisation. Also a really helpful and communicative seller – thank you!….

Martha / Dog Owner

Brilliant Idea. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. The dog wears it on his harness so it stays on his back the whole run….

Mary / Dog Owner

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