IEUUMLER Snuffle Mat for Dog Food Sniffing Feeding Mat Interactive Toys Encouraging Natural Foraging Puzzle Stress… Price: £34.21 £34.21 (as of 09/04/2023 10:24 PST- Details)

SMELL TRAINING:The sense of smell is an instinct that dogs most need and develop training. Hide the dog’s favorite toy or food in the feeding mat and let the dog find it with his nose. Imitate food hunting in nature and let it restore the dog’s most powerful instinct.
HEALTHY DIET AND ENCOURAGING CULTURE:The dog gets its favorite food by searching for it, and in the process, it slows down its eating speed. When the dog finds food, you give him encouragement, which will bring great physical and mental pleasure to your dog! Soothing anxiety and restlessness!
CLEANING METHOD:It is very convenient to clean and supports machine washing. Don’t worry about the health problems of the dog if it is not cleaned. No need for you to bother!

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