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About Us

Our story

Pico Pets started with roads… when I moved house I had to cross about 4 or 5 roads before I could get to the park. In between these roads were small bits of grass. My dog, Cali, would always want to run around on these bits of grass and it started to become a pain to have to take her off the lead each time. I also wasn’t too comfortable with having no control over Cali other than with commands.

So, I created the Pico Pocket Pet Lead so that I could have instant control over Cali at a moments notice but she would have the freedom to enjoy herself.

Pico Pets grew from there and as we added more products to the site, the more the brand grew.

It’s been a pleasure working with all our customers and we do love the positive feedback you give us.

Thank you



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Our design

Finished with our own hands and shipped directly to our customers.

The industrial design process started in the form of mobile phone security tethers and morphed into a lead for dogs.

All the products are injection molded and then put together by the team here in the UK.